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Why you should go for warehouse inventory insurance

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Benefits of Used Generator Sets

Used generator sets

A generator set is one crucial asset that every serious business should consider. It plays a major part in ensuring that business processes go uninterrupted in the event of an unexpected power outage. With this, you get to maintain the integrity of your company’s reputation, while protecting it from any potential losses that may occur during downtime. However, if you are working with a budget, a new generator might not always be the most economical solution. Well, this is where used generator sets come in.

Why buy a Second-hand Generator?

While the word “used” or second hand might bring in a negative connotation sometimes, in this instance, it really isn’t the case. In fact, these generator sets have been proven to perform just as well as brand new generators. The industrial-grade material used to make these machines makes it so that they are still able to provide the same level of service after years of use while maintaining their durability levels.

Other than that, the used models are significantly more affordable. With this, you get to save as much as 40 to 50 per cent of the money you’d spend on a new machine. There is also a great selection of models and brands which feature a variety of amazing additions and upgrades that keep them relevant with time.

Used generator sets

 Features to Consider in Generators

There are a couple of features most people consider when looking at generators. The main ones include apparent power, which is measured in kVA, rotational speed in RPM, and the type of fuel used to power them. When dealing with apparent power, a higher kVA rating means more output of real power. We have low-hour, smaller generators that have 40-220KV, medium-range with 249-750 KVA, and the largest range types at over 730 KVA.

In this case, if you are dealing with high-performance operations and industrial level activities, you’ll be better suited with higher ratings upwards of 730KVA. If you are dealing with small business operations, a smaller generator with a less than 220KV should suffice.

You’ll also likely find an RPM rating or full load-speed engrained in the nameplate of your generator. This refers to the speed at which full-load torque is achieved, and is ideally what you should match with your need. Naturally, a higher RPM rating translates to higher performance.

When it comes to power, most generators will either be powered by natural gas, diesel propane, or electric power. In this case, you can make your pick depending on your company’s principles and financial standpoint.

Used generator sets


When buying a used generator set, you want to start by considering your company’s needs. Then pick one according to the power requirements, cost, rotational speed, and type of fuel that the generator set uses. Sure, used generators might have some downsides like the presence of some visible cosmetic wear or lack of a manufacturer’s warranty, but you still stand to get better overall value for your money and the assurance of dependable power to keep your business operations consistently up and running.

Definition of an online bookmaker

When you hear the term online bookmakers, you may not think of modern gambling systems on the Internet. However, that is exactly what a bookmaker is doing right now. The bookmaker is also called a “bookie”. Nowadays a “bookie” is also responsible for the documentation and offers a lot more information for users who want to bet on different sports. Whether it is about collecting bets, a description of the possibilities, the bets that are taken and the corresponding profit that must be made at the right time, the online bookmaker must keep all this up to date.

Not only sports

By the way: predictions about the outcome of battles, tournaments, elections and other events have existed since the early days of mankind. Even today, millions of people still enjoy betting, especially in the field of sports. The real bookmaking business was especially popular in England at the end of the 19th century (especially in horse racing). After the then betting industry, which was still active in betting offices, the industry evolved towards betting by telephone and later and popular online betting established itself on the Internet.

When is a “bookie” allowed to offer sports betting?

Of course sports betting cannot be offered just like that, although, as in any industry, there are a few black sheep in the sports betting business. A serious and safe “bookie”, on the other hand, always have a valid and active licence that allows him to legally offer sports betting.

How to become a “bookie”

If you are interested in the subject of sports betting and also have the necessary know-how, it is not easy to become a bookie yourself. Bookies need financial means to keep their customers in the first place. If you don’t want to be a provider of sports laws yourself, but want to act as a booking agent for a well-known company, then the following factors are decisive for you:

  • knowledge about different athletes
  • mathematical skills
  • logic’s think of a bookmaker

What You Need to Know About Knoop Hardness

knoop hardness test

The ability of a material to resist indention by measuring its depth is what is referred to as hardness. Knoop hardness test is a mechanical testing used on thin sheets especially on materials that are brittle. This test measures material characteristics and functionality.

Procedure of Testing

Optically, the size of the indentation left by the indenter is measured. A test material of a known load is pressed for a given duration (dwell-time), and the indention measurements are taken using a microscope. A pyramid-like diamond point is pressed to create a small indentation into the polished surface of the test material. The lower the indent, the harder the material under test.

knoop hardness test

Reading the Test

Though not commonly practiced, the dwell time of the test load is at least 10 to 15 seconds. The Knoop hardness testing comprises of, the numeric hardness value (Hardness according to Knoop) denoted as “HK,” and applied test load in “kgf.”

Test Specimens

The shallow indentation depth makes the method suitable for testing very thin layers such as aluminum foil. The long and narrow (elongated) test indent is best fit for small, and longish test specimens as well as testing very hard and brittle materials such as glass and ceramics.

To sum up, the Knoop longitudinal diagonal is around three times longer than other tests diagonal. Therefore, it provides higher measurement precision, especially in conjunction with very low test loads. The test is non-destructive, and there is only minor damage to the specimen surface.

knoop hardness test

Do you know everything about the dart?

The game of darts requires several accessories like a dartboard and a scoreboard to name a few. Before you go for buying a set of darts, you need to know a few facts which will help in selecting the right one. Although you can find quality darts in any reputable shop like Dartshopper, you should know some of their important aspects which make them useful.

Dart Weight

The weight of the dart is one of the aspects that determine the quality of a dart or how it will work. Usually, darts come in a variety of weights between 12 grams and 50 grams. Players hardly prefer throwing darts of more than 30 grams. However, the ideal weight of a dart for a player must be determined by the speed with which he/she throws. For instance, players who throw darts faster, mostly use lighter darts. 

Dart Barrel

You will find a number of options for barrel grips for the dart weight chosen by you. Some dart barrels come with heavy knurling, whereas some others have a smooth surface. Barrel grips with heavy knurling make it easier to grip the dart. Remember, you should not pick extremely heavy knurling as it may cause darts to stick to your fingers. 

Dart Shafts

Dart shafts are available in uncountable styles and materials that include aluminium, carbon-fibre, plastic, composite and spinning shafts. Plastic shafts are inexpensive and available in a wide variety of colours. They can break easily. On the other hand, solid aluminium-made shafts are durable and sturdy and come in various styles, a few with decorative engraved stripes. 

Dart Flights

Dart flights also differ from each other in styles, shapes, and sizes. You need to decide the type of flight you need depending on the speed you throw and the weight of your dart. Remember, the choice of your flight may impact your game. For instance, dimpled surfaces are supposed to help players in slowing down the throw. Standard and slim are two popular types of flights.

Moreover, you need to know about different tips to decide whether you need a steel tip or soft tip dart.

Thinking about sustainable solutions in construction

It is high time to get started and come up with solutions for sustainability. The construction sector is committed and enthusiastic to work on sustainability. During conferences, there is a lot of talk about the possibilities for sustainability in the sector. However, the challenges are great. There is talk about the climate agreement, PFAS and nitrogen problems that arise during construction; it is therefore clear that everyone is aware of the seriousness of this situation.

Unfortunately, there are no easy and quick solutions. However, solutions have been devised that are a step in the right direction.

Don’t let machines run stationary

Many suppliers are already working on the introduction of electrical construction machines. This includes Adrighem, where we can find electric aerial work platforms. Of course we like to see this progress happen faster. And by investing in alternative fuels, we can make a contribution in the short term. We should not underestimate our behavior either. By introducing the New Turning and stopping the application of idle running a machine, we can reduce emissions. It also has financial benefits. Because these things help to apply smart construction logistics, which can further contribute to reducing emissions.

Another important and major contribution stems from making the current machine park more sustainable. Machines with old Stage III engines must be replaced by new ones equipped with Stage V. However, the industry cannot do this alone, and governments should look more into supporting the industry with sustainable solutions.

Renting machines

Transporting machines from construction site to construction site can also be more sustainable. If you have a project abroad, it is better to rent machines abroad. By renting you do not have to maintain the machines yourself. This saves transport costs, transport emissions and the required machines are faster at the location where you need it. Companies such as adrighem.com offer rentals, also abroad, and also arrange all logistics and maintenance.

Don’t give up

At the project level, too, various governments are prepared to look for solutions together with the sector. We welcome these improvements. These are major challenges, but we hope that the construction sector will work with the government. And get started to come up with more sustainable solutions.

Shoei Helmets For Maximum Protection

Shoei helmet

Shoei is a known manufacturer of motorcycle accessories. One of its best export is the Shoei helmet. The helmet comes in different sizes and categories to suit all helmet designs. We are going to expound more on these helmets and why they are best suited for the market.

Open Face Helmets

Shoei helmet

The variety of helmets with open face include the RJ Platinum R Candy which comes in black, light silver and anthracite. RJ Platinum is unique due to the forehead extension. It makes it comfortable to wear even if you aren’t ridding.
We also have the J.O open helmet in black, off white, matt black, matt brown and rat grey. Other are the Matt light silver, Gratteciel, Hawker, Waimea, Carburettor, Nostalgia Sequel and Hallyday. Its signature design is the eye-protective glass around the eyes. The J-Cruise series is primed for its whole cover of the face with the mask.

Full Face Helmets

There are a variety of Shoei helmets with the covered face. Among the popular models include the EX_Zero (matt black, brilliant yellow, shine red, basalt grey and off white) and GT AIR-series that come in white, matt black, light silver among others colours. Other notable models include the NXR series, Hornet ADV, Glamster, GT AIR 2 and X-Spirit-III that come in different colours and graphics.

Shoei helmet

Shoei helmets are known for their irresistible graphics, comfortable interior and maximum protection. We have a robust channel distribution worldwide to reach our clients.

VPS server from WDMSH – Great Performance and Uptime

vps hosting

I purchased a VPS server subscription from WDMSH, and I have to say I’m extremely satisfied with the service. The initial setup is fairly easy, and customer support is quite friendly and helpful. I haven’t experienced any kind of downtime. I got the Starter pack, since it fits my needs perfectly. Also, the price is decent according to the specifications provided.


Affordable VPS That Gets the Job Done!

The server provided is rented solely by the customer. You get the credentials and you’re free to install whatever software you need. The Starter pack is not really for video editing activities, but that was not what I was going for. I needed a VPS server to handle my data mining endeavors for the next couple of months.

So far, the package is performing accordingly with no errors whatsoever. Two cores at 2GB of RAM is just what I wanted. I’m glad that the bandwidth is not metered, something which other providers charge you more for. The interface is easy to navigate, and doesn’t really require much technical background to handle.

Wdmsh hosting

I had some issues at first setting up my VPS server. I contacted their customer support, and they were happy to guide me while implementing the software. I think I’ll stick with WDMSH for a while, since the last provider lacked a lot of the merits I’m getting with this company. I’d recommend it to whoever in need for a virtual server that would meet the expectations.

Mindfulness watch


You ever want to just stop time so that you can take advantage of that great experience or that good time? The funniest thing is there are actually festivals that such kind of things happens. I have always wanted something or a mindfulness watch that isn’t just an accessory. Something that just doesn’t show time but speaks memory. There is something great about buying one of their watches.


Why these watches?

One thing I loved about these watches is the fact that I get to choose from a great variety and collection. I especially loved their gold mesh collection. Whether you love your watch leather, gold or silver it doesn’t matter because you can get the watch of your dream. How can I forget the twin package for couples and the extremely great discounts? You will love their frequent discount that I wouldn’t miss for anything in this world. These watches are to die for they got all those qualities.

This is what to go for this has what you might be looking from a watch. That is why it has many reviews and many people love them. It is made of the quality and is affordable. The manufacturer was very keen on the details of this watch. It is durable as it is made up of quality material that is why many people are into them. They are simple but serve the purpose they match any outfit they can be worn with casual or business outfit you put on.

My motorcycle collection

As a true motorcycle enthusiast, I try to collect as many models as I can. I am especially fond of Harley Davidsons and Suzukis. My collection, which is almost getting too big for my semi-detached, now consists of 3 motorcycles: a Suzuki VL 1500 Intruder LC 1998, a Suzuki GSF 1200 S Bandit 2005, and my greatest love, a stiletto red Harley Davidson Road King. I love to take that baby out for a ride. Whenever I have a long day of work and I start to feel burned out, I take her out of the garage and I instantly feel better. Nothing is better than feeling the wind in my hair while hearing that lovely raw engine sound. It is my favorite feeling in the world.

A collection is never complete

But just because it seems like I already found my greatest love, that does not mean that my collection is complete. I am still looking for more models, and also a bigger house or garage box to store them in. I spend a lot of my free time browsing the internet. The thing is, it’s quite an expensive hobby. Not only do I have to pay for a motorcycle (and probably soon also for extra storage space…), I also have to pay the costs for import and transport. That is why I tried to find a better and cheaper way to buy motorcycles. And luckily, I found a solution.

The right motorcycle trader

I found a motorcycle trader my area who partners with Double R Trading. They supply worldwide and take care of all the packing and shipping. Double R Trading even developed their own special crate, to make sure that I receive my bikes in perfect condition. With the help of Double R Trading, my motorcycle trader can make sure that all my wishes come true. It does not matter if he orders one single motorcycle or a container load, everything is possible. Now I can finally order that one beautiful American-only model that I have been eyeballing for a couple years now.

From Route 66 to home

At first, I planned to go to America myself, buy the motorcycle there, take it for a road trip on Route 66 and then ship it home. I know that plan sounds like a dream, and after checking the shipping costs I know that it will definitely remain a dream. But with the help of my motorcycle trader, I can buy the motorcycle and let it ship here for an affordable price. I’ll just rent a motorcycle if I’m ever to get my kicks on Route 66.