Thinking about sustainable solutions in construction

It is high time to get started and come up with solutions for sustainability. The construction sector is committed and enthusiastic to work on sustainability. During conferences, there is a lot of talk about the possibilities for sustainability in the sector. However, the challenges are great. There is talk about the climate agreement, PFAS and nitrogen problems that arise during construction; it is therefore clear that everyone is aware of the seriousness of this situation.

Unfortunately, there are no easy and quick solutions. However, solutions have been devised that are a step in the right direction.

Don’t let machines run stationary

Many suppliers are already working on the introduction of electrical construction machines. This includes Adrighem, where we can find electric aerial work platforms. Of course we like to see this progress happen faster. And by investing in alternative fuels, we can make a contribution in the short term. We should not underestimate our behavior either. By introducing the New Turning and stopping the application of idle running a machine, we can reduce emissions. It also has financial benefits. Because these things help to apply smart construction logistics, which can further contribute to reducing emissions.

Another important and major contribution stems from making the current machine park more sustainable. Machines with old Stage III engines must be replaced by new ones equipped with Stage V. However, the industry cannot do this alone, and governments should look more into supporting the industry with sustainable solutions.

Renting machines

Transporting machines from construction site to construction site can also be more sustainable. If you have a project abroad, it is better to rent machines abroad. By renting you do not have to maintain the machines yourself. This saves transport costs, transport emissions and the required machines are faster at the location where you need it. Companies such as offer rentals, also abroad, and also arrange all logistics and maintenance.

Don’t give up

At the project level, too, various governments are prepared to look for solutions together with the sector. We welcome these improvements. These are major challenges, but we hope that the construction sector will work with the government. And get started to come up with more sustainable solutions.

Shoei Helmets For Maximum Protection

Shoei helmet

Shoei is a known manufacturer of motorcycle accessories. One of its best export is the Shoei helmet. The helmet comes in different sizes and categories to suit all helmet designs. We are going to expound more on these helmets and why they are best suited for the market.

Open Face Helmets

Shoei helmet

The variety of helmets with open face include the RJ Platinum R Candy which comes in black, light silver and anthracite. RJ Platinum is unique due to the forehead extension. It makes it comfortable to wear even if you aren’t ridding.
We also have the J.O open helmet in black, off white, matt black, matt brown and rat grey. Other are the Matt light silver, Gratteciel, Hawker, Waimea, Carburettor, Nostalgia Sequel and Hallyday. Its signature design is the eye-protective glass around the eyes. The J-Cruise series is primed for its whole cover of the face with the mask.

Full Face Helmets

There are a variety of Shoei helmets with the covered face. Among the popular models include the EX_Zero (matt black, brilliant yellow, shine red, basalt grey and off white) and GT AIR-series that come in white, matt black, light silver among others colours. Other notable models include the NXR series, Hornet ADV, Glamster, GT AIR 2 and X-Spirit-III that come in different colours and graphics.

Shoei helmet

Shoei helmets are known for their irresistible graphics, comfortable interior and maximum protection. We have a robust channel distribution worldwide to reach our clients.