January 21, 2022
Used generator sets

Benefits of Used Generator Sets

A generator set is one crucial asset that every serious business should consider. It plays a major part in ensuring that business processes go uninterrupted in the event of an unexpected power outage. With this, you get to maintain the integrity of your company’s reputation, while protecting it from any potential losses that may occur during downtime. However, if you are working with a budget, a new generator might not always be the most economical solution. Well, this is where used generator sets come in.

Why buy a Second-hand Generator?

While the word “used” or second hand might bring in a negative connotation sometimes, in this instance, it really isn’t the case. In fact, these generator sets have been proven to perform just as well as brand new generators. The industrial-grade material used to make these machines makes it so that they are still able to provide the same level of service after years of use while maintaining their durability levels.

Other than that, the used models are significantly more affordable. With this, you get to save as much as 40 to 50 per cent of the money you’d spend on a new machine. There is also a great selection of models and brands which feature a variety of amazing additions and upgrades that keep them relevant with time.

Used generator sets

 Features to Consider in Generators

There are a couple of features most people consider when looking at generators. The main ones include apparent power, which is measured in kVA, rotational speed in RPM, and the type of fuel used to power them. When dealing with apparent power, a higher kVA rating means more output of real power. We have low-hour, smaller generators that have 40-220KV, medium-range with 249-750 KVA, and the largest range types at over 730 KVA.

In this case, if you are dealing with high-performance operations and industrial level activities, you’ll be better suited with higher ratings upwards of 730KVA. If you are dealing with small business operations, a smaller generator with a less than 220KV should suffice.

You’ll also likely find an RPM rating or full load-speed engrained in the nameplate of your generator. This refers to the speed at which full-load torque is achieved, and is ideally what you should match with your need. Naturally, a higher RPM rating translates to higher performance.

When it comes to power, most generators will either be powered by natural gas, diesel propane, or electric power. In this case, you can make your pick depending on your company’s principles and financial standpoint.

Used generator sets


When buying a used generator set, you want to start by considering your company’s needs. Then pick one according to the power requirements, cost, rotational speed, and type of fuel that the generator set uses. Sure, used generators might have some downsides like the presence of some visible cosmetic wear or lack of a manufacturer’s warranty, but you still stand to get better overall value for your money and the assurance of dependable power to keep your business operations consistently up and running.