January 20, 2022

Do you know everything about the dart?

The game of darts requires several accessories like a dartboard and a scoreboard to name a few. Before you go for buying a set of darts, you need to know a few facts which will help in selecting the right one. Although you can find quality darts in any reputable shop like Dartshopper, you should know some of their important aspects which make them useful.

Dart Weight

The weight of the dart is one of the aspects that determine the quality of a dart or how it will work. Usually, darts come in a variety of weights between 12 grams and 50 grams. Players hardly prefer throwing darts of more than 30 grams. However, the ideal weight of a dart for a player must be determined by the speed with which he/she throws. For instance, players who throw darts faster, mostly use lighter darts. 

Dart Barrel

You will find a number of options for barrel grips for the dart weight chosen by you. Some dart barrels come with heavy knurling, whereas some others have a smooth surface. Barrel grips with heavy knurling make it easier to grip the dart. Remember, you should not pick extremely heavy knurling as it may cause darts to stick to your fingers. 

Dart Shafts

Dart shafts are available in uncountable styles and materials that include aluminium, carbon-fibre, plastic, composite and spinning shafts. Plastic shafts are inexpensive and available in a wide variety of colours. They can break easily. On the other hand, solid aluminium-made shafts are durable and sturdy and come in various styles, a few with decorative engraved stripes. 

Dart Flights

Dart flights also differ from each other in styles, shapes, and sizes. You need to decide the type of flight you need depending on the speed you throw and the weight of your dart. Remember, the choice of your flight may impact your game. For instance, dimpled surfaces are supposed to help players in slowing down the throw. Standard and slim are two popular types of flights.

Moreover, you need to know about different tips to decide whether you need a steel tip or soft tip dart.