January 20, 2022

Dutch businesses: tips & tricks

An entrepreneur cannot found a Dutch business without registering the company and identifying himself at the Chamber of Commerce. Despite that, you still need to do some research, ask the right questions and be sure that you know exactly what the company is registered for.

Tips to verify the firm

Family & friends

Ask family and friends if they have heard of the company. Ask whether it is a Dutch business that has registered itself, and if they can provide any further information on it. If you cannot find information relating to this company registration, try asking a search engine such as Google, MSN or Yahoo!


Be sure to include your company name when talking to any officials, so that they know you are requesting information on a registered company and have all the relevant registration details.A Dutch business should have a registration number. Ask the Dutch authorities at the Trade office for a registration number, or collect your own. Find out the process involved in obtaining a registration number. Do not register anything unless you are sure it is what you want, or you need it. The Trade office will also only allow one business name per company. This means that if you have more than one company, you will have to get separate registration documents for each one.

Own registration

You can of course also set up your own company; however, you also need to register yourself then. If you would prefer to have your business name listed as the registrant of your company rather than the company’s name, ask the Dutch authorities for a legal description of the company. It should have the same name as your company (not your personal name). The legal description should include the names of the directors of the company. 

You should also provide information about the owner of the company, together with his contact information. When everything is ready, you can register your company by completing the application form. The company will then be able to conduct business in Dutch, thanks to the Dutch Trade Office.

So, where can you find a Dutch business? Keep in mind that registrations are easier in the Netherlands, and most businesses are already registered. However, if you want your business in Dutch then visit https://intercompanysolutions.com or try using the methods listed above!